I’ve come to realize the things I was taught were sins, I no longer categorize as such. For the past three years I have undergone a lot of significant changes in my life. I grew up in a completely faith based environment, were morality is of the utmost importance.  I always knew I was gay, it was just ingrained in my mind it was wrong and I was to reject such feelings. 

    This work was conceived as a way of understanding the relationship between the internal and the external, the text and the image, the portrait and the person.  The presentation mimics Joseph Kosuth’s ‘One and Three Chairs’. Unlike Kosuth who keeps his subject constant and only changes the medium; I am presenting a word which represents some thing that was considered a sin and no longer is, or was considered righteous and no longer is. The individual meanings relate to specific experiences which the objects represent. Each triptych tells a story which links the meanings and objects to the self-portrait. I chose to present all seven sets as an installation, they present the seven deadly sins, and each set should be presented as a whole. 

    The text only presents the meaning of the word. The viewer can either relate the meaning with the image of the object, or have their own understanding to their personal situation. The repetition of the self-portrait is to show I am still the same person, the change is only in things I now accept as they are; rather than hiding who I am. It is very important that I remain constant with my feelings as well as my actions and changing certain behaviors, despite being the same person.