We broke up February 18th; four days after Valentine's, which we didn't celebrate. The 14th was a beautiful day; I wanted to go out just to enjoy the day, not because it was the day people "need" to be in love. We took a walk to a Mexican bakery, went to the Dollar General and got some batteries, and then went to a thrift shop. By then she was already done with me. She wanted to break up with me; but it seemed like she couldn't find a good reason that wasn't "I don't want you". There were a million reasons and excuses, none of which made any sense. I had been planning some images with us in them for a while, but we never got around to making them. Two or three days after we broke up she called me so we could take the images, she said she knew I really wanted them. We took these images instead of the drawings from my journal. We would still see each other for a while after we broke up; as if we were weaning off each other, and all the time we had been acustomed to spending with each other. Our relationship was like a roller coaster, I never knew what was going to happen next. We had been great friends for a long time before we were together. We eventually stopped any sort of communication, just an occasional post card or letter on special occasions.